Assigning Users to Folders/Projects

Follow these steps to add a user to a project or folder in the Media Manager.

1: Click on the tab labeled ASSETS in the left-hand menu. 

2: Find the project you wish to add a user to and click on the gear icon. 

3: Navigate to the USERS tab and click the CREATE NEW USER button.

You can also select from existing users in the bar below.

4: Input the information for the new user. Then, give them a role


(2) 1: There is also a second way to add users to a folder. Click the tab labeled USERS in the lefthand menu. 

(2) 2: Find the user you want to add and click their three dots under the ACTION header. This will bring up a drop-down.

(2) 3: Click ADD TO FOLDER. A pop-up menu will appear to add details. 

(2) 4: Select the folder you wish to add the user to under CHOOSE FOLDER. Choose their role under ROLE, and see a preview of which permissions are allocated for each below. Projects are represented as folders, which the user can be added to. 

Click ADD. The user now has access. 

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