Building a content creation model based on shared success

Content is still king, so how do you scale up the creation of high-quality, authentic content, year after year for your publishing business, without increasing costs? Canadian Geographic came up with a shared success model of recognizing photographers, which helps them build their portfolio, credibility, and trust.

As a result, Photo Club contributors like Michael Winsor have been able to grow their own businesses: “I have really enjoyed viewing amazing pictures from across our great country over the past six years! To be a part of a club that represents the Canadian people through stories and pictures is something special. Winning a number of Canadian Geographic’s photography contests has helped me gain recognition in the photography world, but the thing I love most is showcasing our beautiful province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Submitting scenic landscapes and seasonal visitors like icebergs, whales and many types of seabirds has helped me build my photo tourism business, Newfoundland Photo Tours.”

By empowering talented and passionate photographers, Canadian Geographic is continuously growing its content library with stunning visuals that make their way to their print and online publishing business. The vibrant Photo Club community has also attracted paid sponsors, creating opportunities to offer exciting prizes for competition winners. Effectively, this Photo Club service brings in revenue from acquiring crowdsourced content and offers top contributors amazing prizes and industry recognition. Talk about a winning trifecta for this business model!

Alexandra Pope, Digital Editor for Canadian Geographic and administrator of the Club, couldn’t summarize it better: “The Canadian Geographic Photo Club is core to our organization. Great photography has been a pillar of our brand throughout our 90-year history, and the Club has enabled us to connect with and showcase photographic talent across Canada like never before. We are consistently amazed by the quality of the images that are shared with us through the Club, and we’re honored to feature our members and their unique perspectives on Canadian wildlife and geography with more than four million readers/viewers who interact with our brand every month in print and online.”

We at New Spark Media are privileged to power the Photo Club for a forward-thinking, innovating company like Canadian Geographic for seven years in a row, while offering photographers an easy way to share their passion, get recognized and generate new business ventures. Over 370,000 photos, 22M views and 69,000 community contributors since starting this program. Simply amazing stats.

It feels good to help make a positive impact on our society.

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