Create Folder/Project

1: Click on the tab labeled ASSETS in the lefthand menu. 


2: Click the blue button labeled ADD NEW. A menu will appear, as pictured below, with various options. 


3: To create a project, select the checkbox highlighted below. Now you can choose the status of the project, give it a name, a parent folder, and a description. Click CREATE when finished. 

The status will affect the time elapsed on the project. When IN-PROGRESS is selected, the number of days will be tracked on the dashboard. If COMPLETED or ON-HOLD is selected, the timer will stop. 


4: The project folder is now created. Assets can now be added to it.


5: To add a child folder to the project, repeat step 2 by clicking the ADD NEW button. This time, leave the checkbox unchecked. Under PARENT FOLDER, select the project you just created, and finish adding details.

Click CREATE. There is now a child folder within your project.