Export Files/Custom File Names

Export Files/Custom File Names

Follow these steps to export files with custom files names in the Media Manager.

1: Click on the tab labeled ASSETS in the lefthand menu. 

2: Select the file(s) you wish to export with the blue check-box in the top right-hand corner of the asset, then click on the button labeled EXPORT.

There are three options. You can either download the file(s), download a .CSV file, or adjust settings. Click on SETTINGS.

3: A pop-up will appear. Here, you can set how exported files will be named upon saving. For example, you can choose TITLE, DATE, and UPLOADED BY.

Once done, click SAVE SETTINGS.

4: Click on the tab labeled .CSV to access the .CSV settings. These can be added, or removed using the toggle buttons.

5: The changes will be made upon clicking SAVE SETTINGS.

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