Navigating the Dashboard

1: Under the MANAGE section, you will find each of your created projects. For each one, you can see the status, and the number of days elapsed since their creation. This number is affected by the status. 



2: Under UTILIZATION, you will find all the technical information regarding storage and time remaining to be used on certain tasks, like AI Tagging. 



3: Under CURRENT PLAN, you will find the type of account you are currently subscribed to. This can range from TRIAL, to PRO. 



4: In this highlighted section, you will find steps to familiarize yourself with the Media Manager. ACCOUNT SETUP indicates your progress in this area. 



5: Under TAKE A TOUR, you can watch a video to learn more about the Media Manager and its features. 



6: Under this highlighted section, you can find dev updates and check the system status.