Set a Destination

Set a Destination

Follow these steps to set an upload destination in the Media Manager.

1: Click on the tab labeled ASSETS in the lefthand menu. 

2: Click the button labeled PUBLISH. A blue button will appear labeled ADD DESTINATION. Click on this. 

3: A pop-up menu will appear with different options. Firstly, add a name for the destination, then choose the destination itself. This can be YOUTUBE, BRIGHTCOVE, or a custom one.

Now select the type of file that can be sent to the destination. For YouTube, you would select VIDEOS.

4: Now you can select the trigger event that will send videos to the chosen destination. This can be manual, or automatic, based on the provided options. 

5: Now choose a media profile. This determines the format the video is exported as. 

6: Optionally, you can input an email address to be notified when a transfer takes place.

Once done, click CREATE NEW. 

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