Set AI Tagging

Set AI Tagging

AI Tagging uses artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically generate the appropriate tags base on the content of your videos. Follow these steps to set AI tagging in the Media Manager.

1: Click on the tab labeled SETTINGS in the lefthand menu. 

2: Click on the tab labeled AI TAGGING to bring up the options. 

3: Firstly, you can select the fetch method. This will determine when the tags are generated–either on conversion, or on manual activation. 

4: Now you can select which aspects of the video you would like tagged. Check the boxes to select them.

Underneath this is a TAG THRESHOLD. This determines the accuracy and sensitivity of the artificial intelligence.

5: In the highlighted section below, you can add a number in the empty box. This is a function for video to prevent the AI from tagging each individual frame.

6: The same options are available for images, with some exclusions. 

Once done, click SAVE CHANGES. The AI is now set for tagging. 

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