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So you think you can scale?

Hear from our customer panel discussing how they’ve been able to scale, enforce governance using modular best-of-breed solution.


Unlock the value of human-to-human (H2H) marketing by gathering and curating customer stories. Boost engagement by gamify-ing your customer advocacy program and offering exclusive rewards.

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Sales Operations

Continuously improve your sales team performance by having them submit their pitch, generate peer reviews/comments and tap into their competitive nature by gamifying the experience through leaderboards.

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Onboarding, developing and re-skilling your workforce or your customers anywhere, from any device, at their leisure, to increase operational efficiency, quality assurance and safety in an ever-changing world.

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Engage and retain employees through change, and empower them to share their stories, knowledge and expertise with their peers and/or with potential new candidates as an authentic recruiting tactic.

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In-house video production

Simplify and scale your video production and publishing operations. Gather, enrich, review, moderate and publishing internal and/or external media across your tech stack, all while enforcing governance. 

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