Uploading Child Assets

1: Click on the tab labeled ASSETS in the lefthand menu. 



2: There are two ways to add child assets.

For the first way, click on UPLOAD, then on DIRECT UPLOAD in the drop-down menu.



3: Upload the asset as you normally would. This time, however, under PARENT ID, input the ID number of the asset you wish to make the parent asset for the new upload.

The highlighted sections below outline where to find the ID of an asset.



4: Now, when you click on the newly uploaded asset, you will find its parent under the RELATED tab. 



5: The second way is to upload the file(s) directly under the parent asset. Find the file you wish to add a child asset to and click on it.

Navigate to the RELATED tab, and click the blue EDIT button in the top right-hand corner. 



6: An uploader will appear. Fill in the details and click UPLOAD FILE(S).

Now the uploaded files are directly associated with their parent asset.